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Encino Psychiatrists Karen L. Vause and Ramzi Kiriakos
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Karen Vause, MD (818) 995-0640
Ramzi Kiriakos, MD (818) 881-8208
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Welcome to Encino Psychiatrists

The Encino psychiatrists have been professional colleagues for over 25 years. We are Board Certified in adult and adolescent psychiatry and certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. We treat patients from adolescents to very advanced ages. Our treatment is based on the individual needs of the patient and we use various psychotherapies and medications as needed. Our Encino psychiatry office serves the entire San Fernando Valley and surrounding West Los Angeles areas.

If you or any member of your family is having difficulties in relationships, in school or in your occupation, you may need help. A trained and experienced mental health professional with broad experience and an open approach can help. To begin seeking a solution to your problem, contact our Encino office in the San Fernando Valley.

Early intervention reduces the damage and improves the overall results.

The Encino Psychiatrists treat adolescents through mature adults. It is important to think of each patient as a unique individual in order to accomplish the best outcome. We approach the person with two important guidelines:

  • Determine as accurate diagnosis as possible.
  • Customize the treatment to the specific individual and their specific diagnosis and issues.

We use psychotherapies and psychotropic medications as needed. We are caring, experienced and effective Psychiatrists.

Therapy Services at Encino Psychiatrists

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Treatment for Conditions and Disorders

Among the Conditions and Disorders we treat are anxiety disorders, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, panic disorders, social anxiety, performance anxiety and stage fright. We also treat obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorders (physical trauma, sexual trauma, emotional trauma and severe neglect). We also treat depression, bipolar disorders, grief and mourning and other mood disorders. We treat ADHD in adolescents and adults. Also treated are eating disorders and insomnia.

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San Fernando Valley Psychiatrists

Sharing our Encino psychiatry office located in the San Fernando Valley makes it possible for second opinions or consultation as appropriate. We both as psychiatrists have a similar clinical experiences. Our combined experience is over 55 years. As San Fernando Valley psychiatrists, we have worked side by side managing chemical dependency and behavioral disorders in adolescents. We worked with the individual adolescents, with the adolescent’s parents and with the entire family. We worked as consultants for different hospitals and providers, managing the treatment plan and overseeing the medications when needed. Your choice of psychiatrist can be guided by your intuitive inclination or gender preference.

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